Monthly Mentoring

Do you and the Lone Ranger
have too much in common?
It’s time to stop going it alone.


Someone who invests time and attention into your life? Someone who answers your questions and shares what he or she has learned from experience?

It seems like so many people try to go it alone these days. They figure things out on their own, from how to solve problems to how to grow as a person. However, because of that, they spend a lot of time “reinventing the wheel” and learning from their own personal experiences – of both success and failure.

I did the same thing when starting out professionally. I thought I had to know everything, and I was afraid to ask questions, for fear of looking foolish.

Whose experience are you learning from?

Welcome. I’m John C. Maxwell. You might know me from reading the books I’ve written or from hearing me speak. I want you to know that I was a Lone Ranger when I started out. I really thought that I had to go it alone.

But one day, after attending a conference filled with leaders far ahead of me on the journey, and not asking a single question, it finally occurred to me: I wanted to grow, even if it meant looking foolish. And these successful people had the experience and insight that I needed. I just needed to tap into it. Since then, I’ve made it my practice to learn from folks who were the best at what I wanted to achieve.

I want to help you unlock the power of mentoring.

Over the past 50 years, I’ve made it my goal to continually grow, especially in the area of leadership. I’ve written over 100 books, on subjects ranging from leadership to communication to personal growth. And for over 30 years, I’ve been sharing my insights in a monthly audio resource, most recently called the Maximum Impact Club.

Every month since 1985, members of the Club have received an hour-long audio lesson from me on an area where I have been studying and learning. We’ve changed with the times, too, transitioning from cassette tapes to CDs to a downloadable recording.

Now it’s time for a change – for the better!

It’s been my privilege to be part of the Maximum Impact Club community, and as much as I have loved it, I’ve always wanted something more. Something better.

You see, I’m a communicator at heart, and one of the best ways to communicate with someone is to interact with them, to connect with them on a personal level. I do this whenever I speak to a live audience – I try to create a connection that eliminates the distance between the person in the seat and me on the stage. I want people to feel – to know – that I am passionate about helping them on their journey.

That’s what helped launch Maximum Impact Club: the desire to add value. And that’s why I’m excited to tell you about my freshest and most powerful resource.

Are you with me? Good! Because here’s the news: I’m proud to announce the launch of Maximum Impact Mentoring. For years I’ve said I wish I could mentor everyone and share with them what I know; well my team has found a way to use technology to help me mentor everyone who is a member of Maximum Impact Mentoring.

Access a live call with me

Maximum Impact Mentoring is the resource that connects you intimately with me and what I’m learning right now.

With Maximum Impact Mentoring, we’re making the change from a recorded audio lesson to something much more intimate: a live call with me, where I’ll share my most of-the-moment insights and answer questions on relevant topics you’d like me to discuss.

Maximum Impact Mentoring is designed to help you learn in community.

With Maximum Impact Mentoring, I talk candidly and casually about what I’m learning right now. And I share the insights I’ve gained from my most recent successes – and failures.

Besides learning from me, members of Maximum Impact Mentoring are able to participate in a vibrant and relevant online community of like-minded people – those who desire to grow and learn from each other.

What does membership mean?

It means you will be part of an exclusive live call with me each month where I will mentor you with great teaching as well as my freshest insights. It will be your chance to sit down with me, in real time, as we work together to reach your greatest potential.

My team has also worked to create an online community where you can share your thoughts on each call with other members and access up to two years’ worth of archived calls. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to give input on future topics you’d like me to discuss.

To make things as easy as possible for you, my team will email you instructions on when each month’s call will take place, as well as how you can access the call. If you can’t make the live call, don’t worry – we’ll have the recording ready for you in the online community. You can simply access the archived call at your convenience!

What’s included in Maximum Impact Mentoring?

  • A monthly one-hour live call with John Maxwell
  • Unlimited access to all archived calls
  • Ongoing participation in the online Maximum Impact community

Are you ready to get started?

There’s no time like the present to get started. Recognize the important role that mentoring can play in your personal growth, and commit to connecting with me today.

You can get unlimited access to this resource for just $259/year, $144/semiannually, or $29.99/month.

As a MIM member, you will receive an additional 10% off resources sold on the online John Maxwell store. 

SEE what others have to say:

“John doesn't realize it, but he has been mentoring me for many years. Most people think you have to have met someone for them to mentor you. Not true! Through his mentorship club I have been mentored by John for years. His mentorship has accelerated my leadership growth. This has given me the opportunity and privilege to lead other leaders, who want to lead other leaders to achieve what no one else has. The impact has multiplied my leadership influence geometrically instead of simply added to it."
– Kristan Cole

"I highly value John’s mentorship resources and have enjoyed participation for the past two years. The lessons have truly had a maximum impact! Each lesson challenges me to raise my lid on leadership and I use them to discuss with my team as a way to allow them to help identify potential blind spots in my leadership. Thank you for this valuable resource!"
– John Griffin

"I have been a subscriber since 2005 after I attended my first Exchange event. The value for the mentorship club to me has been the practical application of John's teachings and books. I see John as my leadership mentor and each month his topics seem directed right at me. From thinking to mentoring to even helping me be a better father, the training provides me with practical ways to grow and develop. Charlie Tremendous Jones who owned a bookstore in my hometown taught me 'You will be the same person in 5 years except for the people you meet and the books you read.' I think today he would add the mentorship club to this quote. I would encourage anyone who desires to grow to invest in themselves and subscribe to this incredible resource."
– Joe Emrich

Are you ready to get started?

Recognize the important role that mentoring can play in your personal growth, and commit to connecting with me today.

You can get unlimited access by subscribing to this resource for just $259 per year, $144 per 6 months, or $29.99 per month by clicking JOIN NOW.

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