"The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership," the best known book written by John Maxwell, highlights 21 timeless leadership principles.

John's book, "The 360-Degree Leader," explains how individuals can lead up, down, and across.

John discusses how his book, "The Difference Maker," highlights how attitude isn't everything, but it is the main thing.

John discusses how many leaders don't develop leaders. His book, "Developing The Leaders Around You," addresses this issue by helping leaders develop leaders.

In "Developing the Leader Within You," John Maxwell discusses his philosophy that leaders aren't born; leaders are developed.

John discusses how his "Maxwell Leadership Bible" highlights spiritual leadership principles that can help individuals become better leaders.

John discusses his book, "Talent Is Never Enough," which is based on the premise that no matter how talented you are, talent alone will not get you to the top.

John discusses "Winning With People" and how the book's 25 people principles are intended to help leaders better relate and connect with others.